"Hope, happiness, honesty, and courage are powerful characteristics! They are the cornerstones of a 'Sexy' Relationship!" Manson Kerner

"My Life Began on 8.28.88 when I was 27 years old. Today marks 30 Years of Living in Gratitude.

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I'm Grateful for the Gift of Life, Love, Family, All of My Beautiful Friends and Purpose." Nancy

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"It was 30 Years Ago on a warm summer day that my world came crashing down in a split second with a horrific accident. As the ambulance and my husband raced to our log home in the woods, our 3 year old son was unconscious, blood flowing from his mouth, his tiny body was limp and lifeless on the hardwood floor. In that moment, I prayed to a God that I didn't know, to please help save my son.

My life would never be the same again. As I turned my focus from tragedy into transformation I discovered a Power & Presence that filled my heart and Soul with Love. It was just before my 28th birthday that I discovered an Inner Strength, Faith, and Intuition beyond anything I'd known. It was then, that I found my path of service, peace and miracles.

I Am forever Grateful for those defining moments that would change and shape my Destiny to become a Life of Purpose, Passion and Infinite Possibilities.

If YOU Believe in the Power of Recovery, Miracles and Personal Transformation then please Celebrate my 30th Anniversary of my book for yourself or a loved one.

You'll be moved, touched and inspired by my husbands vulnerability and courage that would forever change our marriage and family. You'll witness the thoughts and steps that I took in those darkest hours to change my story and immerse myself into an Inner Dimension that shines a light on how extraordinary people live.

I define "Sexy Relationships" as Spiritual, Positive Energy, Conscious, Aware, Fun Loving, Higher Purpose People who Dare to Share their Gifts with the world around them. Sexy people are people of Presence. If you want to experience success in your life, then I invite you to dive into your own story by reading my inspiring story."

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Nancy Kerner


"The Power of Sexy Relationships" is filled to the brim with Divine Intuition. It's an invitation to all women to re-define what Sexy means in a powerful and profound way. As we turn each page our hearts open to the simple fact that each and every one of us are Sexy, unique and wonderful."

Kim T.

"Nancy Kerner's 'The Power of Sexy Relationships' is a book of true stories about women reinventing themselves and overcoming their most challenging relationship issues including those with their 'self'. Nancy has assembled a diverse collection of real life experiences of, and as told by, women that prove there is hope for what appears hopeless, that happiness can replace depression, honesty is easier than deceit, and courage can drown out fear. Hope, happiness, honesty, and courage are powerful characteristics and the cornerstones of a 'sexy' relationship!" Manson K.

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